Days of Gold

Negative to all - Herda, GBED, MH, OLWS & PSSM
Ee Ata CrCr - Perlino, heterzygous black (can throw palominos), heterozygous agouti (can throw buckskins and smoky blacks - sometimes known as 'black buckskins).
Days of Go
ld (Q-57273) is a 2002 Perlino purebred Quarter Horse by the Palomino Quarter Horse, Imperial Gold Touch (by Gest A Touch) out of the Quarter Horse mare, Pinelodge Marianne (by Atoe).  His bloodlines include: Docs Hillbilly (imp), Crimson Glo (imp), Mr Leotoe (imp), Navajo Dogger (imp), Hill King Pistol (imp), Vaquero (imp) and other influential Quarter Horses.  He is registered AQHA, ANSA and Dilutes Australia; he can be bred to PHAA mares for foals eligible for PHAA registration; he can be bred to purebred Arabian mares for Quarab registration with AHSA.



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Official video - photos and film from 2002 - 2011

Days of Gold competing at the 2011 Quarter Horse Nationals

Days of Gold playing at home - 2010

                           Days of Gold & Kate Owens - 2012 Lockyer Equestrian Hack Day - Supreme Hack of the Show! 

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Days of Gold stands just under 16 hands and sires tall performance horses that are winning in hacking, dressage, HUS, WP and the oldest are showing great jumping potential;  they are very correct and pretty enough to be successful at halter from weanlings to the oldest.  Two of the most outstanding qualities of his offspring are great legs and  wonderful ‘people loving’ temperaments – each year, many of the mares at stud are owned by people who already have a Days of Gold foal and want another one – his foals keep them coming back for more.

                                                                                       Above: Days of Gold & Leanne Owens 

Days of Gold is believed to be the highest awarded double cream dilute stallion in the world.  He was also the first cremello or perlino to win an AQHA National Champion. 

                Below: Days of Gold & Kate Owens - 2009 Colourama - Supreme of Supremes for the second year in a row.

Some of his wins include:   

  • 5 x AQHA National Champion in Halter, Dressage & Hacking
  • 6 x AQHA National Res Champion in Halter Dressage & Hacking
  • 9 QLD AQHA State Champions – winning open Hack and Amateur Hack every year he competed (2007, 2009, 2010, 2012)
  • ROM in Performance, Dressage & Amateur Dressage
  • Hi Point Amateur Dressage Horse & Hack in Australia, 2010 
  • More than 20 other National titles led and ridden from 2004-2010
  • Scores of Supremes from All Breeds shows such as Colourama, Carnival of Colours, Toowoomba Royal, Qld Dilute Championships, Agricultural shows etc. 
  • Supreme of Supreme under saddle at Colourama two years in a row (2008 & 2009)
  • Supreme of Supremes Led at the 2004 Qld Dilute Championships
  • Supreme of Supremes Ridden at the 2006 Qld Dilute Championships (and again in 2011)
  • Hundreds of champions from Ag shows to National shows
  • Lots of wins and champions in ANSA classes
  • 3x Royal Supremes at the 2009 Toowoomba Royal (several others previous years)
  • Grand Champion Led & Ridden Ancillary Exhibit at 2009 Ruby Nationals
  • Grand champion Hack of the show & best educated hack of the show at the 2011 Colourama
  • 2012 Lockyer Hack Day - Supreme Exhibit undersaddle        


   Days as a 2 yr old                     

He will sire 100% dilutes (Palominos, Buckskins, Smoky Blacks, Cremellos, Perlinos, Smoky Creams) from non-grey mares (chestnut mares will have 50% chance of Palomino, 50% chance of Buckskin or smoky black; bay mares can have Palomino foals if they have a recessive chestnut gene but they are most likely to have Buckskin or Smoky blacks).. In order to sire Cremellos or Perlinos, the mare will need to be a cream dilute herself.  All foals out of grey mares will be born dilutes, but at least half will go grey.


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At stud natural service or A.I - $1,500 (including GST and a $250 non refundable booking handling fee; vet and agistment extra). 

Walk ons: $990